Tiger Python

Python molurus bivittatus
Настоящие питоны

The dark tiger python - P. M. bivittatus - is the largest, brightest and most common subspecies of python from this group in the collections of zoos and terrariums. It is colored darker than other subspecies, hence the name. Inhabits mountain rain forests (it is called the "mountain Burmese python") Southern China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Northern Thailand, Laos and Burma. The mountains rise up to 1800 m above sea level. It can reach a length of up to 8 m . Currently, there are quite a lot of morphs and color variations of this python in the world. In our collection there is a pair with an unusual pattern - "granite". It feeds mainly on warm-blooded animals, which it tracks by thermal radiation with the help of thermal radar pits located on the upper lip shields. These can be rodents, small ungulates, monkeys and different types of birds. There are known cases of attacks on leopards and jackals. Occasionally they can eat reptiles. Sexual maturity is reached by 2.5-3 years at a size of 2-3 m. The female lays on average from 8 to 107 leathery oblong white eggs. Like many representatives of this genus, the female herself "incubates" eggs. Wrapping around the masonry, it maintains a constant temperature inside the masonry, and from time to time, shaking its body, it can even raise the temperature by several degrees compared to the environment. After two months , babies with a length of 50-60 cm appear . They grow quite quickly, reaching 3-4 m in length by the age of three. The maximum life expectancy recorded in the dark tiger python is 25 years.


Питон королевский
Python regius
Тигровый питон
Python molurus bivittatus
Royal Python
Python regius
Yo'lbars pitoni
Python molurus bivittatus