Macaca nemestrina

Lapunders or pig-tailed macaques are the largest representatives of the genus of macaques. The weight of an adult male lapunder is 10-14 kg, the weight of a female is noticeably less - 5-11 kg. The face of these monkeys is naked, without fur. Lapunders are also called pig - tailed for a short tail bent up with a length of 16-25 cm . They live in Burma, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Thailand, on the Malacca Peninsula, on the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan, in China, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. They live in low-mountain and high-mountain forests. They feed on leaves, shoots of young plants, insects, and raid grain and fruit plantations. They spend most of their lives on earth. They live in small herds from 5 to 22 individuals who live and feed on the same territory. The hierarchical system of relationships within the herd is based on maternal kinship. Young females continue to stay in their native herd even after reaching puberty, and males are forced to leave the herd at this age. Lapunder males are much larger than females, and in groups a strict order is observed, maintained by the male leader. He directs without unnecessary gestures and noise - often just one glance of the leader is enough to calm the kids who are too naughty or quarreling females. They breed without pronounced seasonality. The gestation period is 170-210 days. As a rule, one cub is born. The average weight of a newborn is 493 g. Males reach puberty at 4-4.5 g, females at 3-3.5 g. Life expectancy is up to 30 years.


Macaca mulatta
Rhesus Macaques
Macaca mulatta
Яванский макак или крабоед
Rezus makaka
Macaca mulatta