Rhesus Macaques

Macaca mulatta

This is the most common and numerous monkey from the genus of Macaques. They live in the forests of Southeast and Central Asia. In recent decades, when people are actively cutting down forests - the original habitats of rhesus monkeys and other monkeys, they successfully populate cities and cultural landscapes. Macaques often roam the cities of India counting on handouts from people, because in this country such monkeys are considered sacred animals.
The Rhesus macaque has an average size and a fairly dense physique. The average weight of males is 7.7 kg. At the same time , the body length can reach 53 cm .
The female's body has a length of 47 cm, with an average weight of 5.3 kg. There is no hair growing on the pale pink muzzle of this primate. The tail of the animal is 20-23 cm long .
The coat color of the macaque varies. It can be gray, brown and sometimes has a greenish-yellow tint. The forelimbs are quite a bit longer than the hind ones. Rhesus macaque is not afraid of water at all and swims and dives well.
Rhesus monkeys are daytime animals, but after dark, especially on a moonlit night, outbreaks of activity among individual animals were noted until morning. These monkeys are not afraid of water, swim well and with pleasure in rivers.
They feed mainly on plant foods – fruits, berries, tree bark, buds and seeds. It's easy to guess that macaques like food of plant origin. Sometimes the animal shows miracles of intelligence and skill. As an example, water extraction can be cited. If the source of water in the habitat of the flock is far away, then in order to get drunk, the macaques begin to collect dew drops from the leaves of trees or shrubs. Sometimes they can use ripe fruits as a source of moisture.

In addition to plant food, macaques can also eat animal food. Grasshoppers and other small insects act as food.
They are grouped into large family groups with a well-defined hierarchy. In a pack, as a rule, all adult males participate in reproduction. During sexual activity, males can fertilize a female from another pack, which is important for genetic exchange between populations.
Sexual maturity in rhesus monkeys occurs at the age of 2.5-3 years. The average duration of pregnancy is 165 days, usually one, less often two cubs are born. The weight of a newborn rhesus macaque is 300-650 g. Females give birth to 15-16 cubs during their lifetime.
The pack treats the cubs very well. The mother breastfeeds the baby for up to a year and for six or more years he is with her. Fathers can also participate in the upbringing of offspring.
At the age of 18-22, they have a menopausal period and reproductive activity fades. The life expectancy of rhesus monkeys is 28-30 years.


Яванский макак или крабоед
Macaca mulatta
Rezus makaka
Macaca mulatta
Macaca nemestrina