Sphinx Mandrill

Mandrillus sphinx

The largest representative of the baboon genus. This is a very physically strong monkey. The weight of a male can reach up to 25 kg, and females that are much smaller - up to a maximum of 12 kg. At the same time, old males reach a length of one meter or more, with a height of the trunk to the shoulders of about 60 cm. Their tail is short, no more than 3 cm. Baboons are inhabitants of forest and open rocky and rocky areas of Africa. They lead a terrestrial lifestyle. Daily activity. They are kept in groups from several to 25 and sometimes even 300 individuals. The leaders in the herd are adult males. Adult males with unusually well-developed muscles and powerful teeth are not afraid to engage in single combat even with a leopard. They feed on various plant objects and animals (insects, small vertebrates). There is no seasonality in reproduction. Pregnancy is 6-7 months. There are one, rarely two cubs in the litter. Baboons live up to 30 years in captivity, although in natural conditions, apparently, they do not live longer than 20.


Мандрил сфинкс
Mandrillus sphinx
Mandril sfenks
Mandrillus sphinx
Golden Mangobey
Cercocebus chrysogaster
Мартышка Бразза
Cercopithecus neglectus