Far Eastern turtle or Chinese trionyx

Trionyx sinensis
Трехкоготные черепахи
Дальневосточные черепахи

Freshwater turtle, a representative of the family of three-headed turtles, widely distributed in Asia - in Eastern China, Korea, Japan, as well as on the islands of Hainan, Taiwan and even Hawaii.

The very flat, slightly elongated carapace of trionyx is up to 30 cm long and is covered from above with longitudinal rows of small tubercles.

It inhabits large and small rivers and lakes in places with muddy or sandy bottoms, sparse underwater vegetation and gently sloping shores where you can get out for sunbathing. Bottom silt or sand serves trionyx not only as a safe haven, into which it buries itself at the slightest alarm, but also as a convenient ambush during night hunting. With one head exposed, the turtle patiently waits for a small animal or insect to float by. With an instant toss of her head, she grabs the prey, and it is impossible to escape from her iron jaws. It feeds on fish, amphibians, crustaceans, insects, mollusks and worms.

Turtles also overwinter at the bottom of reservoirs, burrowing deep into the mud. They reach puberty at the 5th-7th year of life. Males differ from females by a longer and thicker tail. Males are slimmer and smaller, females are larger and more massive. During the breeding season, the female makes 2-3 clutches (with breaks of 5-6 days), the number of eggs in which can reach 18-75. The size of the clutch depends on the size of the female — the clutches of old large females contain more eggs than the clutches of young ones.


Uzoq Sharq toshbaqasi yoki Xitoy trioniksi
Trionyx sinensis
Черепаха дальневосточная или китайский трионикс
Trionyx sinensis
Star Turtle
Geochelone elegans
The Red - eared turtle
Pseudemys scripta