Golden Mangobey

Cercocebus chrysogaster

It lives in the forests of Cameroon, Gabon, Kenya and Tanzania. The body length is 40-76 cm, the tail is longer than the body - 43-80 cm. The weight ranges from 5 to 13 kg. Males are much larger and heavier than females. The diet consists of fruits, young leaves, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, insects and small birds. Monkeys get their food both on trees and on the surface of the soil.
Primates lead an active daytime lifestyle, forming groups of up to 30-35 individuals. The main roles are played by females and offspring. The female gives birth to one cub. Puberty occurs at the age of 4-5 years. The life expectancy of the golden mangobey in natural conditions is about 20 years. In captivity, with good care, some specimens live up to 30 years.

The species is quite rare, so its behavior in the wild is still poorly understood.
The local population uses its meat for food. Some of the animals are caught for private collections. They adapt relatively easily to life in captivity and are popular among exotic lovers.
Animals are not territorial. When two groups meet, they do not show aggression, and their members change their group affiliation without much difficulty. Can swim.


Дымчатый мангобей
Cercocebus atys
Tutunli mangobey
Cercocebus atys
Black (crested) mangobey
Lophocebus aterrimus
Qora mangobey
Lophocebus aterrimus